Carrot Juicing


Carrots make a very unique juice that deliciously blends with apples and ginger. It’s important to note, however, that they are on the drier end of juice-able produce, so today’s harvest of three large and one medium carrot made about three ounces of straight carrot juice, and a lot of pulp. Luckily, the dog dances around me in the kitchen waiting for his share of the “waste.” Some pulp could go into baked goods, although I haven’t found the perfect muffin recipe yet. It definitely can go into the compost with the worms. Why not make their lives easier by pre-chewing?

So we have learned two things: Plant waaaaay more carrots than you think (in nice fluffy soil) in succession, so you can keep harvesting for months, and blend carrot with other, juicier ingredients to stretch the beverage to a less shot-like quantity.