The frost dwarf peach tree seems to be thriving this year. We are having to cull over a hundred little fruits to leave enough energy and flavor for those we can eat. One important thing that we have learned this year is that we need a ladder that can stand on its own. The tree is still young enough that we couldn’t lean a ladder against it, but we need to be able to reach the highest branches to be able to pull the tiny fruits off. Thus far, we have been standing on the fence railing or a chair which is not the safest possible idea.



I literally just now put this together.

Storyline 1: My dog’s name is Tucker. Due to various spinoffs, he has become Tucker Ducker, Tucky, Tucker Pie, Pie, Baby Pie, Puppy Pie, Puppers, and Bubba. (I’m pretty sure both my husband and I fell into that last one, crossing “Puppy” and “Baby” a few too many times. )

Storyline 2: We have a ton of leafy greens, including multiple varieties of kales, spinaches, chois, arugulas, and lettuces. While writing out the grocery list this week, I wanted to be mindful of the ridiculous need to consume the harvest. Everything on the list became an ingredient in a salad greens-inspired dish. Bananas and berries can turn harvested leaves into green smoothies. Deli turkey and tortillas can lead to salad wraps. Hamburger patties and buns stacked high with greens, or chopped up salmon patties in a salad can keep the list going. I can sauté spinach in with eggs, or dry kale. Once I started to list everything out, it started to sound like that scene from Forrest Gump where his friend was listing off all of the ways to prepare shrimp. I had to think about it for a while before I realized what his name was: Bubba.

Every season, we end up with waaaaaaaay too much of one ingredient, and fall into the Bubba game of resourceful recipe creation. Over time, we’ll learn what one¬†little seed can truly grow into, but each year is just different enough that it’s hard to analyze the data.

Doggie Dash Victory!

IMG_4519This was Tucker’s first official Doggie Dash. Every year, the Oregon Humane Society puts on a ridiculously awesome fundraiser at Tom McCall Waterfront park. We shut down traffic, and thousands of dogs and people walk or run as one enormous pack. There are always costumes, a pancake breakfast, mimosas, and tons of dog-loving vendors. We could not be more proud of our boy, having ridden on the mass transit for the first time, and keeping his cool as we walked through more crowds than he has ever seen before.

Since our yard is only 1/10 acre, and we love growing edibles, we don’t have a ton of space for him to run around. Our garden design, however, incorporates his running paths, and the lack of never-ending pastures ensures that we take advantage of all of our neighborhood parks. He goes for a walk every single day, averaging an hour. Most days he gets to frolic off leash at a huge fenced park with other pups.

When our schedules get hectic, or when the weather is really gross, we’ll sometimes take him to Club K-9 for indoor “playcare.” They are so wonderful there! I can’t stress this enough – having thousands of dogs, ON LEASH, behaving in a calm and civil manner is no small feat. It took us a couple of years to feel like he was socialized enough, and a big part of that is the regular outings, and the team that works with him at Club K-9.


Straw Patio, Take Three


I was so sure we would have the time and money this year to upgrade our patio situation, but eight dollars for a new bale of straw (and thirty minutes to spread it) is so much more justifiable than the alternative. It doesn’t look beautiful, but it’s not bad, if you like “rustic.”

Here’s a shot from last year.